"Jan began working with gourds by accident. While shopping at a home furnishings store, she came across what she thought was a rustic vase. It turned out to be a gourd."

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Gourds with genuine deer antler

Beaded Rims

Gourds with beautiful bead rims

Gourd Baskets

Unique cuts with handles form beautiful gourd baskets.

Burnt Finishes

Gourds with unique cuts and burnt-finished edges.


Gourds with detailed hand-carved designs

Decorative Rims

Gourds with beautiful decorative embelishments around rims.

Gourds With Lids

Gourds with decorative, fitted lids

Pine-Coiled Rims

Gourds embellished with pine-coiling around rims

Spirit Masks

Colorful and imaginative spirit masks

Spiral-Cut Rims

These gourds have been cut with decorative spiral rims.

Triple Borders

Gourds with colorful triple borders around rims

Warty Gourds

A unique result of nature, these gourds have a beautiful warty texture.

Gourd Vases

Gourds used as decorative vases

Patchwork Gourds

Gourds with colorful patchwork designs



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