Artist at Work

"I have always been a crafty sort of person but did not begin my 'art' career until I was in my 40s, and then, it was by accident"... 

A girlfriend wanted to take a class in stained glass but didn’t want to go alone, so I signed up too.  Little did I know that six weeks later I would be hooked. 

There was so much to learn that I became an apprentice, and then took a job in a commercial glass studio.  In the next five years I was fortunate to work on many varied and interesting projects as well as to teach classes.

Now I work from my home studios in Parkland, Florida and Dahlonega, Georgia doing private commissions, as well as creating inventory for the shows I participate in each year. 

In addition to traditional stained glass in the lead and copper foil methods, I specialize in what is known as an “overlay” process.  By creating a silhouette image from metal and affixing it to a piece of glass, I can attain a great deal of detail in a cost effective way.

The gourd art came about, again, by accident.  While shopping in a home furnishing store I chanced upon what I thought was a beautiful rustic vase.  It turned out to be a gourd.  I bought it and after much contemplation I decided “well shoot, I can do this”. 

So I hunted down some gourds (not easy to find in south Florida) and began my journey.  A lot of what I know about gourd art has come from books and trial and error.   The finer techniques I have learned in workshops from artists involved in the Florida Gourd Society.

I am currently a member of the American, Florida, and Georgia Gourd Societies.

Jan's Studio Assistants

Kitten sorts feathers...

(Above) 'Kitten' was rescued from the parking lot of a grocery store when she was just slightly larger than my hand.  Now she is my loyal assistant,  helping with the cleaning, sorting and selection of feathers for my gourd masks.


(Above) This is Oliver doing what he does best (sleeping). He came to us as a half starved orphan, begging at the back door.  Now he is king of the castle - not much help in the studio; in fact, quite a distraction at times.

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